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As the educational informationization process moves on, whiteboards and the relative teaching interactive devices are accepted gradually by education institutions. Whiteboard can not only be written on like the traditional blackboard, but could bring great interactive experience with diverse customized software. Teachers can write on whiteboard with fingers, and can interact with students. Satisfying the daily teaching quality, the powerful interactive media system brings infinite fun to boring teaching contents. Making teaching happy while improving the teaching information.
General Touch big-size SAW touch screens/monitors and infrared touch screens are specially designed for interactive teaching devices and whiteboards. With features of sensitive operation, multi-touch by multi-user, accurate positioning, well adaptability, they can be used for different devices with different proportions.


General Touch’s Touch solutions are applied to devices such as:

  • Electronic Meeting System
  • Electronic Whiteboard
  • Large size Touch Monitor

Products Built for Education & Conference