Gaming & Entertainment

Gaming & Entertainment

As the interactive interface for many gameplay application systems, touch screen plays a significant role in the gaming industry. With touch screens, players can be more focusing on gaming and get a more wonderful gaming experience. Touch screens are widely used on gaming and amusement devices such as slotting machines, multi-player game machines, jukeboxes, horse racing systems, and self-service lottery systems.

With more than ten years of experience, General Touch has always been offering stable touch products to gaming OEMs worldwide. General Touch’s open-frame touch monitors, equipped with high-quality LCD panels, have wide viewing angles, high contrast, and high clarity. Compared with traditional gaming machines’ high maintenance cost, General Touch’s SAW touch screen has long-lasting, durable, maintenance-free features, suitable for harsh application environments. General Touch’s patented technologies of dustproof and waterproof guarantee products’ high-level sealing and dramatically reduce product cost and maintenance cost. Anti-vandal glass makes sure touch screens not easy to be scratched and keeps users safe.


General Touch’s Touch solutions are applied to devices such as:

  • Touch for Gaming
  • Touch for Gaming Machine
  • Touch for Slot Machinee


Products Built for Gaming & Entertainment

  • OTL275 27″ 2-Sides LED
  • OTL247 23.8″ Edge LED
  • OTC437 43″ C-type Edge LED
  • OTJ437 43″ J-type Edge LED