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General Touch has been a leading touch solutions provider in the global marketplace for more than 20 years. By putting the customer’s interest first, GT consistently offers exceptional customer experience and satisfaction through its wide variety of touch technologies and solutions including All-in-One touch systems.


As a forerunner in the China’s touch industry, General Touch quickly became a global player in delivering high-quality, cost-effective and versatile touchscreens for customers from 80+ countries with over 4 million installations. GT produces touchscreens and touch displays that meet international standards such as CCC, FCC, CE, UL, and ROHS.


General Touch makes available advanced touch technology at a sensible price for its clientele. GT further adds unbeatable value through customization to meet particular needs when required. The versatility of GT’s touch products is evident from their presence in varying industries such as Gaming, Kiosks, POS, Banking, HMI, Healthcare and Public Transportation. GT heavily invests in R&D so as to produce touchscreens with broad range of sizes (7” to 86”), for wide range of applications and for long periods of utilization. With a focus on delighting both customers and users, GT’s Pcap/ PIT/ SAW/ IR touchscreens have garnered loyal and prolonged support from international brands. General Touch even offers up its touch products for ‘adoption’, empowering customers who have proudly branded GT’s touch products as their own (OEM), thus, increasing their corporate stature and extending their market reach.


By betting our success on our customers’ success, we do whatever it takes to fulfil their product requirements. Should there be any shortcoming, our customers know that we will do right by them. At the end of the day, our customers are delighted by our passion to help them thrive in their business arena with our competitive, reliable and appealing touch products backed with our dedicated aftersales service. Best of all, our customers get to enjoy the benefits of our continual growth and improvement in our business practice and technical competence.


23 + Years
Over 23 years professional experience in touch screens and touch monitors
300 + Employees
More than 300 skilled and qualified employees
5 + Acres
5+ acres plant, R&D center and test center
5 + Million Installations
More than 5 million installations have been used in
various industries to date
80 + Countries
GT provides profession services for customers in more than 80 countries around the world
2 + Million Annual
Production Capacity
Touch Monitor & AIO:800K, Capacitive Touchscreen: 360K
Infrared Touchscreen: 360K, SAW Touchscreen: 480K

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