HMI industry touch solutions supply an intelligent interface by connecting humans and machines through an industrial monitor, replacing the traditional button-controlled and light-indicated operator interface. Setting parameters, showing data, monitoring equipment can all be realized. Through animating the automated control process and simplifying it as a PLC control procedure, the powerful touch screen creates a friendly human/machine interface. The touch screen is the most convenient, simple, and natural HMI interface as a particular periphery.

General Touch’s touch solutions, such as P-cap, have the advantages of easy integration and easy maintenance, and high protection grade for liquids and dust. It’s the ideal industrial control solution, designed to operate in harsh industrial environments. Besides, we have zero-bezel SAW and PIT technologies for your option.

General Touch’s Touch solutions are applied to devices such as:

  • Settled POS Device
  • CNC Industrial Equipment
  • Operation & Monitoring


Products Built for Industrial

  • OTL153 15″ PCAP Touchmonitor
  • OTL173 17″ PCAP Touchmonitor
  • OTL193 19″ PCAP Touchmonitor
  • OTL223 21.5″ PCAP Touchmonitor

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