PCAP Touchscreen 15″

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General Touch possess two Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technologies. One is Plus-Film touchscreen which have two ITO film substrates and cover glass. The other is Plus-glass touchscreen which have single ITO glass substrate and cover glass. Plus-Film has nature advantage of flexibility making it highly shape adaptable. With high reliability design, it offer a fast and sensitive response touchscreen with good compatible performance. GT’s X-Trim technology (four sides less than 3mm) and super narrow technology increase the value of commercial applications, and fixed tail location at 3/6 o’clock shares great convenience and compatibility for new design. All components of touchscreen are manufactured in house such as Film and Glass sensor, Cover glass, Film lamination, Controller, Cable, Drivers for different operating system and software application, which make GT’s service more excellent and effective. Customization includes special active size, cover glass shape like curved, and surface treatment such as Anti-glare, Anti-reflective, Anti-finger print, Anti-microbial.

General Touch’s Optical Bonding service of touchscreen laminated with LCD module or Open cell in GT’s hundred-class clean room provides with best graphic quality and longer-term solutions for ultra-normal temperature applications.


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